So, you are looking into building a DIY electric skateboard? And you are after some reliable parts that fits well together? Spending too much time fiddling around with parts from different sources with questionable quality?  Being an industrial designer, It itched to badly and I just had to design some parts for my own builds. And now I offer them to you here, so you can enjoy the wind in your hair (or your bold head if that’s the case, or actually you should wear a helmet…scratch that hair part) and enjoy all that is DIY esk8ing. 

If you are new to the esk8 scene, I would advice you to join the esk8 news forum here: https://forum.esk8.news/. Lot’s of info for whatever problem you might encounter during your build and friendly people to help you out. If you have any ideas for making the parts even better or if there are other parts you want to see be made, I am all ears! 🙂

To sum it up:

Reliable parts that fits well together, so you can enjoy the wind in your hair helmet, going down and up hills with a WHOOSH!

– Mikael 🙂