Aluminium idler pulley 12mm

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Custom idler in aluminium that tucks in behind the wheel. 12mm wide.

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Reduce belt wear and belt skipping when braking and accelerating. Complete custom idler pulley in aluminium with bearing. 12mm wide. 1 per mount recommended (mounts supports up to 2 idlers per mount).

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1 review for Aluminium idler pulley 12mm

  1. SilentException (verified owner)

    Perfect, quality made idler. You can fit this on most motor mounts, as long as you can find the space and make a hole for the bolt. Recessed bolt means there are no problems even with larger wheels – if the belt fits, this will fit. 12mm is a good width and for 15mm belt you can compensate with few extra washers, it will work just as well. Recommended.

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